Feminine Style – The Epitome Of Romantic, Playful And Elegant Attitude


The 1930s gave carte blanche to women from all societal groups & backgrounds to be fashionable with feminine attire inventions. This was also influenced by the evolution of business girl and women entering the personnel pool, to make them dress well and stay in feminine style with the touch of elegance or femininity, the dresses which would effortlessly accentuate the female or womanly contour with cinched waistlines, skirts fitted to the hip and curtailment of the hem’s size to the knee length or its fullness with flared pleats.

Frilled rayon blouses also started featuring the cinched waist. The specifications of the main sort of attire in the 1940s include an hourglass shape figure, broad shoulders, nipped in high waist tops and A-line Jersey skirts that came down to just at the knee.

Asymmetrical Pleated Midi Skirt

Many different celebrities such as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth embraced this feminine/dainty style, who, while relishing a glorious and glamorous career on the screen, also became an icon for many women seeking wardrobe stimulus. They became highly esteemed and renowned for their feminine style which also interpreted good sense and elegance.

On screen, these film stars laid the groundwork for what is now referred to as the classic 30s style in fur coats and slinky evening gowns. They sparked a craving in the hearts of the women of the era for a must-have trend with their astounding acting, endless charisma and timeless feminine style.

Nikki Mint Green Wool Coat

“Fashion, like everything else, evolved over time.”

In 1947 French designer Christian Dior escorted in the profusely feminine New Look with a nipped-in waist and a full skirt. Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy gave it mass appeal in the 1950s, forming it the silhouette of prime for well-dressed women.

Feminine Style fashion have now returned as the biggest trend in the modern fashion world!

There are ample of spring/summer 2019 trends, but we’re here with the ones that are going to inevitably and optimistically transform your closet.

Lina Linen Knit Blouse Grey Brown

One of the biggest and ever-going trends we ran smack into during the catwalk was the underlying theme of the real woman; a welcome return to femininity, women’s suffrage and desire to attire yourself, feeling confident, upbeat and comfortable.

Deciphering what’s been featured on the Fashionista, digging out what has been chosen up by buyers or photographed frantically throughout haute couture month to hit the feeds on Insta, we embrace the style which espouses the female sensuality with A-line skirts, drop waist dresses, jumpsuit, bootcut pants along with other stereotypically feminine wardrobe stuff like figure-flattering silhouette, pencil skirts, midis, bows, cup sleeves, pink, sheer dresses, asymmetrical pleated midi skirts and the lace blouse.

Diva Lace Blouse, Floral

This isn’t just about what you see — this is about a genuine edit of the elements you’ll love to embrace, the 30s feminine style clothes you’ll like to excavate again, the new styling tricks that will entice everyone around you!

In terms of pieces, the vogue encompasses everything from comfortable crafting, designer tailoring, midi skirt lengths and relaxed outerwear in flattering and flowing silhouette. This trend is effortless enough to be adopted by any woman, and this is what we appreciate the most about it.

Olivia 7 8 Wide Leg Pants

The heritage styling statement being reborn, we are enduring the feminine mania that is now a few seasons old, designing collections & highly Instagrammable items for modern women with state of art, the flavor of comfort and cosiness, a bunch of minimalism and even more maximalism, the definition of curves and delicacy.

Whatever you desire, you get it at wearandsmile.com. We are an expert in designing exclusive clothes that not only suit the modern women of today but appeal their femininity in a classic way. All our clothes are designed personally by our lead designer (and owner) Marianna Berggren in premium quality fabric with female comfort and style in mind. Our clothes are designed to let you embrace and express your femininity in the most decent way possible. Explore our feminine style clothes now!

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