How To Wear A Mini Skirt Modestly In Summer?

How To Wear A Mini Skirt Modestly In Summer

Wise is the man who made the trend which never fades – “Miniskirts” Wondering how to wear a mini skirt modestly? Or just looking for new Mini skirt outfit ideas?

Here you go….

If you ask me about a timeless piece that can never go out of fashion, it is something we call “Miniskirt”. Hemlines are becoming shorter on the ramps and on the streets, with plaid, vinyl, and denim hailing to be in vogue and we feel pretty damn cool about it!

Ever since the simple-minded era of the 90s when the miniskirt was the highly run-after vogue, Mini skirt outfits have never been outdated and kept flowing in the blood of fashionistas at all times of the next decade or so.

The time has witnessed the reinvention of mini skirts from laid minis of the 90s to the low rise black denim mini skirts which got revamped to tailored minis and finally captured the runway looks of 2019 with frills, denim, and A-line shapes.

How to wear a mini skirt? (Simple 6 ways)

The 90s trend of Mini skirt outfits is creeping back because now people realise that it’s a closet staple not for a few women with perfect shape and curves but everyone who falls for a timeless silhouette. With a little more attention to its styling, you can allure your femininity and beauty as Mini skirts are way more puttylike than you feel.

Here we go with some Mini skirts outfit ideas that can enhance your beauty to the irresistibility.

1. Bodysuit – For a Sleek Appearance


Tuck in your shirt and go for a high heel for a sleek look in tailored minis. With a bodysuit, you can a carefree look because it knocks off the need for neatly tucked in a shirt while giving a fitted appearance to your upper body. If you are thinking about how to wear Mini skirt in winter? then this one is recommended.

2. Nude pumps – For a classy feminine look


If you love to step out in style with heels than a pair of nude pointy-toe pumps are the perfect go-to beautify your looks into the feminine classic style.

3. Accessorize with flats – For an exquisite look


Pairing the mini with stilettos is nothing new. You want to look different from the crowd, go for ballerina flats and drop the idea of heels.

4. Go for bold hues and designs with solid neutrals – For a decent combo


Another way of how to wear a mini skirt is to Pair your vibrant mini with simple colour to avoid looking ham-handed or overwhelming. You can also wear this Mini skirt outfit at work.

Solid black top and black heels make an ideal combo for a frisky and stylish look. The same rule goes with busy pattern minis.

5. Graphic T and sneakers – For a casual look


For an easy-going and relaxing vibe, or to wear Mini skirt casually, put on your tight mini skirt with a band t-shirt and sneakers and make a combo that radiates beauty in a simple and playful style and without looking trashy.

6. Add in some menswear – For a contrasting combo


Try pairing your mini with a blazer and brown loafers for a contrasting combo. This pair goes well with the women who don’t ultra-feminine look because of mini skirts utterly feminine.  

6 Golden Rules for Wearing Miniskirts

Wearing a miniskirt can be a little tricky, particularly when you are short and healthy. We have highlighted some tips that will help you step out in style with tailored minis.

1. The correct length


The most appropriate length of your mini can be defined by the size and shape of your legs.

Here the golden tip is that the hem should drop somewhere near the slimmer area of your legs. Shun the length that highlights the heaviness or the thickness of your legs.

Be it a dancefloor or a candlelight date, capture the moments with confidence and comfort!

2. Minis for attractive proportions.


The mini skirt is one of the best attires to shape your charms. For a proportioned look, try to cover your arms with the bare legs in minis. Full or ¾ sleeves are best for chic look where elegance is well-preserved. Some brands conduct weekly or monthly one to one interactive session to assist the client in choosing what will look best on them.

WearAndSmile organises such programmes where the highly skilled designer offers their guidance and design luxury couture for you.

3. A mini handbag with your mini skirt


With all the Mini skirt outfits, a mini handbag goes best and so with a miniskirt. Don’t think about bags with long handles or cross-body bags because it will end up messing up your look by superseding the length of your skirt.

Perfect accessories can enhance your looks to incredibility while an imperfect can mess it up. Conquer the world with the fashion that lies in matching accessories!

4. Choose the Perfect Fit

A miniskirt unquestionably has to be perfect in size and fit because it looks very awful and uncomfortable to keep pulling your miniskirt to stop it over at one place.

Some brands offer customizable tailoring mini skirts which is the best option for beautifying your curves while maintaining the decency. You are lucky enough if you know about personalised services WearAndSmile offers!

5. Take care of what you wear beneath your dress

While dressing up in minis, you must take care of what you wear beneath your dress.

Proper underpinning is important to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Look sassy in minis while preserving your modesty. Moreover, if you use bodysuit, it will help you get a figure flattering look.

An important tip for a runway look!

6. Trial With Styles and Fabrics

Try mini skirts from a vast array of designer skirts available today and go for the one that suits the best. Choose the fabric that is comfortable and healthy for your body. Some of the brands like WearAndSmile and Eileen Fisher carefully curate their attires in environment-friendly stuff which stands the test of time. Go for such stuff as minis are all season favourite!

I hope now you have a good idea of how to wear a mini skirt in summer without losing your integrity or compromising the style.

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