What to Wear in Sweden (Year Round Clothing Tips)


Planning to visit Sweden this year or already live there? Well, you ought to know about the best outfits to wear in Sweden at different times of the year.

Sweden is a beautiful country to visit or live in, especially Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. And just like any other country, Sweden gets a lot of tourists all round the year. Tourists visiting the country as well as people living here are often looking for new styles and fashion for different seasons.

Another thing you should know about Sweden is that it is a modern country in every aspect, from the standard of living to prices to culture to the innovation in technologies. So, you should be ready to be amazed by the brilliant architecture, history and people here.

Swedish people are born stylish, and you can learn a lot from them when it comes to modern fashion. So, when it comes to selecting the best clothes to wear in Sweden, one should take inspiration from the local people. Here’s a brief guide of the best outfits you can (and should) try while visiting Sweden.

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What to wear in Sweden in Spring? (March to May)

Temperature: 1 °C to 15 °C

Rainy days: 1-2 days average

Spring in Sweden starts around March and lasts till May. You can still see snow in March in some parts of the country. By the time March ends, one can start experiencing the warm sun rays and flowers start blooming. No need to say, this is the most joyful and colorful season of the year.

As for what to wear during this season, you will definitely need to use a coat, especially at the beginning of Spring. Later on, you can manage with basic clothes including a spring top, shorts, T-shirts along with trousers, white tees with jeans, or anything else that suits you.

Swedish people love their clothes made of natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and linen, so you can shop and wear those as well.

What to wear in Sweden in summer? (June to August)

Temperature: 11 °C to 20 °C

Rainy days: 3-4 days average

Wondering what to wear in Sweden in August or other summer months?Summers in Sweden last from June to August, however, most of the season is cool and you will not feel a lot of heat anywhere in the country. In Stockholm, the season is quite comfortable and warm. The temperature during the daytime may go up to 20-21 degree, but not above.

The best choice of clothes to wear in the summer is anything that makes you feel comfortable. This includes jeans or trousers, coupled with light color tops/T-shirts. You can try camisoles as well. This loose knitted cotton top or a linen blouse would also be prefect choices for the summer outfits.

Make sure to buy clothes made of natural fabrics like cotton only. Also, be prepared for rain by packing a simple raincoat. Team your outfit with a casual hat and sunglasses to save yourself from the heat.

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What to wear in Sweden in Fall/Autumn? (September to October)

Temperature: 9 °C (September) to 2 °C (November)

Rainy days: 3 days average

Autumns in Sweden are wet and windy. There are not many rainy days, but you can expect high precipitation during the entire season. At this time, it begins to snow in the mountains while the South of the country still remains hot enough with around 15 degrees temperature. The weather is somewhat chilly, so you better pack accordingly.

First of all, you should keep with you a warm-enough coat as the winter is coming soon. As the season is not too cold but also not too warm, you should be prepared for anything, from rainfall to snowfall. For the day, you can pack dark denim or these Wide Leg Pants which will work with a matching sweater, preferably made of wool.

This Wool Blend Coat should also work perfectly. Also, try to stick to neutral colors like cream and beige for fitting in like a local.

What to wear in Sweden in winter? (November to February)

Temperature: 1 °C to -5 °C

Rainy days: 2-3 days average

Winter is my favourite season in Stockholm. It is pretty cold during this time of the year, so you be wearing warm clothes. The most common options include this winter snood scarf, an oversized cardigan, patch pocket wool coat, poncho/tunic, sweater, etc.

You can find some really cool and trendy winter clothing ideas as well as purchase them at Wear&Smile. Besides that, you should also consider wearing gloves, a scarf and a warm hat, especially when going out during the winters in Sweden.

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