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Timeless, Feminine Design & Sustainable Philosophy

Our Philosophy - Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability means for us ecological, ethical and transparent way of designing, making and wearing clothes. It's part of each and every step of our business process such as timeless design, high quality in both fabrics and sewing, ecological fabrics with natural fibres, ethical working conditions and transparent production process.


It is very important for us to be aware, as much as possible, and open about the whole supply & production chain. As our commitment to transparency, we can, of course, share this information with you.

Sustainable, Eco-friendly Fabrics

At Wear&Smile, we only use sustainable and high-quality ecological fabrics exclusively from European suppliers.

All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which stands for pollutant testing of the products in all processing stages in order to reduce health risks.

We use fabrics, whenever possible, only with natural fibers, such as organic cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc. (Read more about our fabrics here)

No more fast fashion

Don't be a part of the growing Fast Fashion trend with its increasing mass production of clothes; clothes that last just one season and then must be thrown away, clothes that are made with low-quality fabrics containing a lot of chemicals and produced by employees with low salaries, child labor, high transportation costs, etc.

Designed to last

Instead, we use timeless designs which last. We don't think of only one season when designing a new collection, but we believe in re-designing, improving the existing styles and creating new models which will complement the older ones.

Quality instead of quantity

Each of our garments is manufactured according to the highest quality standards in a small, family-owned, atelier in Latvia with exceptional workmanship. We visit our sewing atelier on a regular basis, at least once a month. We constantly source better inspirations, materials, designs and production methods to reach an even higher standard in terms of quality and sustainability in clothing.

Ethical production

It is quite important to us that people who make our clothes are treated well. We make sure that all the people involved in our production process are paid fairly, ensuring good health and safe working conditions. All these ethical aspects are important to us and followed strictly on all our premises.

Environmental aspect

Each garment at Wear&Smile is produced on demand or custom-made, that's why we do not need any storage, which is good for the environment. This also ensures that no material or products go to waste. We only use natural & eco-friendly fibres to design stylish clothes.

Less transportation

Our aim is to minimize the overall transportation involved in the supply of clothing material and items. We use only logistics with short transportation distances; our fabrics arrive from Italy and Netherlands and finished products are transported from our atelier in Latvia. We always prefer shipping the materials and products by public transports such as sea or land instead of a personal vehicle in order to save the environment and limit the cost.

Minimal Waste

The amount of textile wastage is enormous. Therefore, we are constantly trying to reduce it by following strategies such as cutting waste in pattern making, minimal seam construction, redesigning existing garments, recycling and reuse of old clothes, multiple ways design, etc.